The e-book revolution

The way technology is changing the economics of publishing, both demand and supply sides, is fascinating. Here’s a round-up of some recent articles and posts – not systematic, just the ones I’ve come across.

David Gauntlett on the LSE Review of Books blog, about academic e-publishing. This was a reply to an earlier post by Patrick Dunleavy.

The Guardian on Amazon’s dominance in the e-book market – and what its downfall might be.

Marketwatch on the impact of e-books on publishing.

An anti-Amazon slideshow on The Nation.

A literary agent’s thoughts on the changes in the industry – Ed Victor in the Daily Telegraph.

The publishers’ reaction to the DoJ anti-trust suit.

Latest e-book market data from Publishers Weekly.

A handy guide (via CNET) to how to publish your own e-book.

And from NPR, libraries’ struggle with e-books.