FT Business Book longlist

The Financial Times Business Book of the Year longlist has just been published, and most of the titles sit in my two favourite categories: economics and technology. Even better, I’ve read five of the books already, and they are all excellent candidates, although I have my preferences. If I had to pick from these, I’d be torn between Lo and Tirole. But there are lots on the longlist still to read… quite a few of these are very tempting.

Here are the shortlisted books I’ve reviewed on this blog.

The Wisdom of Finance by Mihir Desai

Adaptive Markets by Andrew Lo

Grave New World by Stephen King

The Great Leveler by Walter Scheidel (I don’t seem to have written a review of it, though I cite it here)

The other title I’ve read, having had the privilege of helping prepare the English edition, is

Economics for the Common Good by Jean Tirole; out in October, with superb insight into using economics in public policy, and also into the strengths and limits of economic research


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