More, and yet still more – two more publishers’ forthcoming economics titles

Today’s look ahead to the first half of 2022 is a double header (because I realise there are still quite a lot of publishers to get to): Yale and Harvard University Presses.

Harvard first. Thomas Piketty has another book in April, A Brief History of Equality. Others that look potentially interesting to econ and business readers: Growth for Good: Reshaping capitalism to save humanity from climate catastophe by Alessio Terzi; Democratizing Finance: The radical promise of fintech by Marion Laboure and Nicolas Deffrennes; Exporting Capitalism: Private enterprise and US foreign policy by Ethan Kapstein; and The Meddlers: Soveriegnity, empire and the birth of global economic governance by Jamie Martin.

9780674273559Turning to Yale, there’s The Return of the State: and why it is essential for our health, wealth and happiness, by Graeme Garrard; The New Goliaths: How corporations use software to dominate industries… by James Bessen (it will be a must-read for me but too long a subtitle!); An Economist Goes to the Game by Paul Oyer (economics of sport); and The Modem World: A prehistory of social media by Kevin Driscoll.