Industrial strategy

There was a timely new arrival at Enlightenment Towers this morning, Efficiency, Finance and Varieties of Industrial Policy, edited by Akbar Norman and Joe Stiglitz.


Ahead of the launch of the Policy@Manchester and SPERI Industrial Strategy Commission, I’m trying to build a list of the best existing resources. Aside from the academic papers (loads – and also this great blog post Stian Westlake pointed to), my off the top of my head picks so far are Geoffrey Owen’s From Empire to Europe, David Edgerton’s Britain’s War Machine, Dani Rodrik’s One Economics, Many Recipes and Joe Studwell’s How Asia Works.

Other suggestions? There must be loads.


4 thoughts on “Industrial strategy

  1. Thanks for mentioning my Britain’s War Machine! In fact my Warfare State: Britain 1920-1970 (CUP, 2006) is more interesting in this context – it has lots on 1945-1970 industrial strategy, when there really was one. The Labour Ministry of Technology (the real one, not the one of the usual stories) was the British MITI and much more besides. David

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