Most popular posts of 2016

It’s always interesting to look back and see which posts resonated with readers of this blog. Here are the top 10 of 2016, most popular first.

(I have to apologize for the broken links in the earlier posts; the blog needed a tech revamp in the summer and I’ve not had time to go back and fix them. If anyone has a tech savvy teenager looking for a bit of work, I can offer them a task!)

1. What should the well-educated student read? Recommendations to educate economists of the future.

2 Forthcoming books in 2016  – part 1 and part 2

3. Markets in all their glory – review of Fisman and Sullivan’s The Inner Lives of Markets.

4. Commoditized services – one of a series of posts debating Branko Milanovic.

5. Longlist for The Enlightened Economist Prize for 2016.

6. Rescuing Macroeconomics – review of Roger Farmer’s Prosperity for All.

7. Better than Karl Polanyi – post on the social context of markets.

8. The trade-investment-service-intellectual property nexus – my review of Richard Baldwin’s book The Great Convergence.

9. Computing, the British way – review of Electronic Dreams: How 1980s Britain Learned to Love the Computer

10. A land built by economists – on infrastructure.