Most popular posts of 2015

Seasonal fare.

There was an upward trend in user numbers through the year – thank you everybody – so many of the most read posts were later in 2015. Earlier ones that caught attention were:

Books to look forward to in 2015 (another annual feature, which I will repeat soon for 2016)

Mastering ‘Metrics (review)

Inequality – what is to be done? (review)

Other people’s money (review)

In the final quarter, the most popular posts have been:

How to be a good economist (review)

Revolutionary money (review)

The Enlightened Economist Prize longlist

Complements and substitutes

Cotton, empire and mill workers (review)

Robots, humans and other animals

Of robots and dogs

The most popular posts record 1500-2000 users. Google Analytics tells me there have been over 74,000 users this year, of which about 6,000 are “30-day active” and 43% returning. There has been an upward trend, particular since October. The UK accounts for 30% of traffic, the US 26%, Canada 4%, Australia and India each 3%, and France, Germany, the Netherlands and Spain about 2% each. This is a pretty niche blog, so I’m delighted, and grateful.