The Enlightened Economist Prize 2015 – the long list

A bit late this year, here is my shortlist for my personal prize for the best book I’ve read since last year’s shortlist. The rules are that date of publication doesn’t matter, only my date of reading the book, and that the winner in a week or so will be entirely my arbitrary choice – the one I enjoyed the most. The prize, apart from glory, is my offer to take the winner out for dinner .

So here they are in no particular order:

[amazon_link id=”0393246418″ target=”_blank” ]Economics Rules[/amazon_link] by Dani Rodrik (How to do economics well – review here )

[amazon_link id=”0241003555″ target=”_blank” ]Why Information Grows[/amazon_link] Cesar Hidalgo (Information based economies  – review)

[amazon_link id=”000752076X” target=”_blank” ]Who Gets What and Why[/amazon_link] Alvin Roth (Market design – review)

[amazon_link id=”0300195664″ target=”_blank” ]Learning by Doing[/amazon_link] James Bessen – (Technology and work – will review very soon)

[amazon_link id=”1781688451″ target=”_blank” ]The Happiness industry[/amazon_link] William Davies – (Scepticism about behavioural economics and utilitarianism – review)

[amazon_link id=”0571308015″ target=”_blank” ]Nothing is True and Everything is Possible[/amazon_link] Peter Pomerantsev (The scary truth about modern Russia – review)

[amazon_link id=”1846146410″ target=”_blank” ]The Reckoning[/amazon_link] Jacob Soll (The history and influence of accountancy – review)

[amazon_link id=”0465059996″ target=”_blank” ]Rise of the Robots[/amazon_link] Martin Ford – (Technology and jobs, a pessimistic view – review)

[amazon_link id=”B00UJD8AS2″ target=”_blank” ]Other People’s Money[/amazon_link] John Kay (Pernicious modern finance – review)

[amazon_link id=”0262016494″ target=”_blank” ]Cybernetic Revolutionaries[/amazon_link] Eden Medina (Using technology to shape society in Allende’s Chile – review)

[amazon_link id=”0691152845″ target=”_blank” ]Mastering Metrics[/amazon_link] Joshua Angrist and Steffen Pischke (Econometrics of the best kind, made fun – review)

[amazon_link id=”B00WQRFC30″ target=”_blank” ]Inequality[/amazon_link] Anthony Atkinson (What to do about it (and why), a practical agenda – review)

[amazon_link id=”0691160392″ target=”_blank” ]Foragers, Farmers and Fossil Fuels[/amazon_link] Ian Morris (Long run economic history – review)

[amazon_link id=”1783350644″ target=”_blank” ]Swimming with the Sharks[/amazon_link] – Joris Luydendijk (The sociology of pernicious modern finance – review)


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  1. good morning,
    may i ask you to review or provide some readings about the role of the state in 21 century.

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  3. Diane, in addition to the list of the best books published in 2015, can you also provide a list of the best books you enjoyed reading in this year, irrespective of when they were published? By the way, I have never been disappointed purchasing a book recommended by you except in one instance and I forgot the title of that book!

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