Most popular posts of 2014

It’s that time of year. Here they are, most-visited first.

1. Investment rats – massively visited, and massively followed up in many places.

2. Inequality, economics and politics – summary of a Piketty conference at the Bank of England

3. Capital and destiny – review of Thomas Piketty’s [amazon_link id=”B00I2WNYJW” target=”_blank” ]Capital in the 21st Century[/amazon_link]

4. Canada versus Minsky – review of [amazon_link id=”0691155240″ target=”_blank” ]Fragile by Design[/amazon_link]

5. Teaching economics

6. Not bowling alone – a review of [amazon_link id=”0300203772″ target=”_blank” ]Hard Times: The Divisive Toll of the Economic Slump[/amazon_link] (not [amazon_link id=”014143967X” target=”_blank” ]Hard Times[/amazon_link]!)

7. Economics books in 2014 – my annual preview of the catalogues for the year ahead. This year’s coming up soon!

8. The eclipse of capitalism – or maybe not – a review of [amazon_link id=”1137278463″ target=”_blank” ]The Zero Marginal Cost Society[/amazon_link] by Jeremy Rifkin

9. Festival of Economics – books associated with the Festival

10. Calling young economists who want to write – about the FT/McKinsey competition. I hope it had lots of entries.

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