Better than fiction

On the train to Oxford yesterday, I did something unusual for me, namely read an e-book. It was a new publication from the Financial Times, [amazon_link id=”B009D04RF2″ target=”_blank” ]The Bo Xilai scandal[/amazon_link]┬áby Jamil Anderlini. This is an extended version of an article in the FT magazine some weeks ago, and well worth the 99p it costs to have all the additional detail from a superb reporter. I’ve been gripped by this story from the start, for the light it casts on Chinese politics and society, but also because it is just an absolutely amazing saga. Highly commended, and the perfect length for a journey, at a fraction of the price of a magazine.

[amazon_image id=”B009D04RF2″ link=”true” target=”_blank” size=”medium” ]The Bo Xilai Scandal: Power, Death, and Politics in China[/amazon_image]