Books at a workshop

A while ago I took part in an interesting interdisciplinary workshop at The New Institute in Hamburg on the broad theme of a ‘new Enlightenment’. There was more than the usual amount of recommending books, thanks to the fact that people don’t know each other’s academic literatures. Here’s what I managed to jot down – I’ve read quite a few but not all:

Globalists Quinn Slobodian

Can We Afford the Future Frank Ackerman

How to Blow Up A Pipeline Andreas Malm

The Logic of Collective Action Mancur Olson

Why Some Things Should Not Be For Sale Debra Satz

Economic Calculation and Forms or Property Charles Bettelheim

Capitalism Against Capitalism Michel Albert

Saving Capitalism from the Capitalists Rajan and Zingales

The Great Leveler Walter Scheidel

Education, Justice & Democracy Danielle Allen and Rob Reich

There were many papers cited too – it’s always good to bring a reading list home from a conference.


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