Most popular posts of 2018

This is the first of a couple of regular seasonal posts – the look-ahead to 2019 books will follow at the weekend. Traffic to this blog was up just over 3% in the past 12 months, so a big thank you especially to regular readers, and especially as I posted less frequently than in previous years thanks to my new job.

The most popular posts were:

  1. More Classics (and other novels) for economists, which followed the previous day’s post on Classics for economists).
  2. Review of Exact Thinking in Demented Times
  3. Review of Republic of Beliefs
  4. Review of The New Enclosure
  5. The look-ahead to books being published early in 2018
  6. Review of Unelected Power
  7. Review of Forging Ahead, Falling Behind and Fighting Back
  8. Taking time seriously in economics (I have a working paper with Leonard Nakamura on this out soon)
  9. Economies in space and time
  10. Review of The Moral Economists

An interesting mixture of lists (always popular), reviews and reflections.