Most popular posts of 2017

The insight from this year’s ‘most popular’ reckoning is …. that people love lists. The first four places in fact go to lists. Here’s the full top ten:

  1. The year ahead in economics books – or at least my gleanings from the spring catalogues
  2. The Enlightened Economist Prize longlist
  3. The Enlightened Economist Prize winner
  4. A look ahead from the autumn publishers’ catalogues
  5. My review of Jean Tirole’s Economics for the Common Good
  6. An appreciation of Will Baumol
  7. My review of a new biography of Edith Penrose
  8. My review of Dani Rodrik’s Straight Talk on Trade
  9. A trailer for Dani Rodrik’s Straight Talk on Trade
  10. A review of Howard Wainer’s Truth and Truthiness

If it was only about traffic, I’d stick to lists, Jean Tirole and Dani Rodrik in 2018.





3 thoughts on “Most popular posts of 2017

  1. On Edith Penrose:
    The significance of Penrose’s theory for the development of economics
    BJ Loasby
    Contributions to Political Economy, Volume 18, Issue 1, 1 December 1999, Pages 31–45,

    Loasby connects Penrose to a Smith-Marshall approach to economics. The Road Not Taken, to the detriment of the field ?

    • Yes, almost certainly a detriment. Much interesting work in IO has been in business schools, not econ departments. One example – the late Paul Geroski, from whom I learnt so much at the Competition Commission, was a brilliant applied economist.
      Thank you very much for the link.

  2. PS It has occurred to me that if students entire econ degree consisted of reading the collected works of Loasby they would know vastly more than those who take a standard curriculum.

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