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Klaxon: this week sees the publication of National Wealth: What is Missing, Why It Matters, edited by Kirk Hamilton and Cameron Hepburn. The book is a collection based on the Wealth Project, itself a follow up to work by the World Bank on measurement for sustainability. As sustainability inevitably involves thinking about the future, there is a need to measure an economy’s stocks of different kinds of capital assets rather than current income or consumption flows (which is what our GDP lens does).

I have a chapter in the book about the political economy of moving to a new framework of economic indicators from the current system of national accounts. This is a shift analogous to changing a global technical standard, in which enough key participants have to make the move to tip everyone else into following suit. I conclude, though, that for this to come about there has to be enough consensus about what new standard to move to, which is still a work in progress. There’s a proliferation of dashboards and alternative indices. We need just one framework to get the shift.

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  1. “One framework” is a noble idea, but if it were to happen there is a better chance of it being the wrong one, given our present politicians and “experts”, than a right one. It is probable to be one they happen to like, perhaps because it can be sold more easily to whoever they have to keep happy. After a few years of limited events and being told that hurricanes were to become rare by experts we now have three on the go with untold economic and financial consequences.

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