Holiday reading

All lined up, just in case Santa doesn’t bring me any books. What about the rest of you?

Lined up for the holiday

Lined up for the holiday

[amazon_link id=”0691147728″ target=”_blank” ]The Rise and Fall of American Growth[/amazon_link] – Robert Gordon

[amazon_link id=”0062266683″ target=”_blank” ]Machines of Loving Grace[/amazon_link] – John Markoff

[amazon_link id=”0571275974″ target=”_blank” ]A Strangeness in My Mind[/amazon_link] – Orhan Pamuk

[amazon_link id=”0691163871″ target=”_blank” ]Hamburgers in Paradise[/amazon_link] – Louse Fresco

[amazon_link id=”1782271384″ target=”_blank” ]The Tokyo Zodiac Murders[/amazon_link] – Soji Shimada