The non-existent shark

Self-help books aren’t my cup of tea, so I’ve only really paged through It’s [amazon_link id=”1250042038″ target=”_blank” ]Not About the Shark: How to Solve Unsolvable Problems[/amazon_link] by David Niven. The title comes from Steven Spielberg’s decision to make Jaws with very few shots of the shark, because the expensive mechanical shark he’d had built didn’t work. It turned out to be more menacing with an imagined shark. That’s the gist of the book – re-interpreting problems as a changed environment rather than an immovable object. There are some other nice anecdotes. It’s a quick, light plane or train read if you like this kind of book. I didn’t spot anything that really tells you how to exercise your imagination in Spielberg-style creative ways.

[amazon_image id=”1250042038″ link=”true” target=”_blank” size=”medium” ]It’s Not about the Shark: How to Solve Unsolvable Problems[/amazon_image]

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