Happy New Year from me and Thomas Hobbes

A very Happy New Year and warmest wishes for 2014 to all readers of this blog.

A thought from Thomas Hobbes to keep us all aware of our own cognitive biases as vigorous discussions about the economy continue:

“[Those] who commonly … call for right reason to decide any controversy, do mean their own.”

This is from

, and is quoted in my current reading, Anthony Pagden’s

Here’s to a year of thoroughly reasonable and evidence-based debate.

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One thought on “Happy New Year from me and Thomas Hobbes

  1. Not forgetting Sir Robert Filmer of East Sutton Park Kent, lately a women’s open prison with a farm and horticulture about to be closed. Also close to the Crown and parallel is Dr, Jeremy Taylor whose Sermons From Golden Grove, along with Holy Living and Holy Dying are close in date to Leviathan. Do the implied or stated social structural ideas and moral ethics etc. seem similar?

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