The paradox of trust

I’m off early this morning to the OECD Forum – on Jobs, Equality, Trust – in Paris, taking part in two sessions. The organisers picked up on the themes of my book [amazon_link id=”0691156298″ target=”_blank” ]The Economics of Enough[/amazon_link], especially the section on trust. I wrote a new essay on trust for the OECD Yearbook, focusing on the paradox that the complex, globalized economy is more dependent on trust than ever, but measures of trust in institutions of various kinds indicate that it’s rather fragile.

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It’s going to be interesting to see what the mood of the Forum is, as it gathers policymakers, business people, unions and NGOs, as well as academics – in other words, more workmanlike and less insulated from the world by affluence than Davos. I’ll be tweeting, under the hashtag  #OECDwk as no doubt will other participants @SpeakerLab @slaughteram @tsipirikos @acraiginparis @diane1859 @LaurenceEvans @JArleRH and @yanisvaroufakis