All the economics books I want for Christmas….

It’s December 1st and time for letters to Santa. My reading for this blog through 2012 has been mildly random, a mixture of books I buy out of interest, and books sent by a range of publishers that were tantalising enough to start reading. The Enlightened Economist Prize for 2012 picked out the best of those (the winner was 

by Ariel Rubinstein). But there are lots of books I haven’t yet read and know I want to, thanks to a combination of inertia and waiting for paperback editions. Just in case Santa is a reader of this blog, here’s my list:

by Sylvia Nasar

[amazon_image id=”1841154555″ link=”true” target=”_blank” size=”medium” ]Grand Pursuit: A Story of Economic Genius: Great 20th Century Economic Thinkers and What They Discovered About the Way the World Works[/amazon_image]

 by Chrystia Freedland

 by Anne Applebaum

[amazon_image id=”0713998687″ link=”true” target=”_blank” size=”medium” ]Iron Curtain: The Crushing of Eastern Europe 1944-56[/amazon_image]

 by Gary Gorton

 by Mark Mazower

[amazon_image id=”0713996838″ link=”true” target=”_blank” size=”medium” ]Governing the World: The History of an Idea (Allen Lane History)[/amazon_image]

 by Tony Judt

 by Andrew Feinstein

 by Nate Silver

 by Nicola Tesla

 by Owen Hatherley

[amazon_image id=”1844678571″ link=”true” target=”_blank” size=”medium” ]A New Kind of Bleak: Journeys Through Urban Britain[/amazon_image]

 by Rebecca McKinnon


One thought on “All the economics books I want for Christmas….

  1. Gosh ! You don’t want much ! I thought economics was all about the allocation of ‘scarce resources’ i.e. you can’t have everything you want..

    Mind you, Santa might decide you’ve been a very good girl this year, but really Diane, where’s the fun in that !?

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