What to read next? You choose….

I have a lot of travelling coming up, so am dithering about which books to select from those to hand. I’m currently part way through Debt: The First 5000 years by David Graeber, which is brilliant (a review will follow). Your suggestions please for the next selections from this tottering pile.

The in-pile


7 thoughts on “What to read next? You choose….

  1. I have been wondering about reading “Too Big to Fail” so that would be my suggestion.

    I can’t clearly see from the photo some of the books in the pile though.

    Not in your pile but here is one I think you would find interesting though if you are interested in economic history: http://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/books/reviews/book-of-the-week-replenishing-the-earth-by-james-belich-1728872.html

    Loved the photo of your dog BTW.

  2. If top book is dasguptas “economics a short intro” I was a little disappointed. Start is great and chapter on motivation in science very good but someone book not quite linked up for me. Ridley was sparkling on econtalk, so would like to read that.
    Ps. Whats with the physical copies? Bring Osteopath on trip.

    • The top one is actually Robert Allen’s Global Economic History in the same series of ‘A Very Short Introduction’. Usually I like small books but am not wild about this format as the topics are huge and the approach too bland and ‘objective’.

      I always travel out with the books and usually leave them behind for another reader!

  3. I’d have to go with ‘Too Big To Fail’ which I read on holiday in Greece last year and found totally fascinating as it reads like a thriller which, given the subject I found impressive!

  4. Rational Optimist. From hunter gatherer technology failing due to diminished trade networks to the optimism for feeding and housing the world popularion through technology progress, this book makes a great case for the benefits of economic progress.

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